EDTA Chelated Ca-3% Liquid

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Ca – 3% LIQUID

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CROP CHOICE is where to buy EDTA Chelated Calcium – 3% Fertilizer.
CROP CHOICE carries liquid EDTA Chelated Ca – 3% Fertilizer in bulk.


EDTA Chelated Calcium – 3% LIQUID is a fully chelated form of calcium stable in 100% orthophosphate fertilizers.

The addition of up to 5% by volume will generally not degrade the crystallization point or long term stability of the fertilizer.

EDTA Chelated Calcium (EDTA Chelated Ca) – 3% can also be added to most nitrogen solutions and diluted with water prior to application.

CHELATED Ca-3% for Healthier Plants and Higher Yields

Corn Micro-Nutrients for Healthier Plants and Higher Yields

EDTA Chelated Calcium (EDTA Chelated Ca)


  • Transparent clear to yellow liquid
  • Odorless to slight ammonia odor


  • Specific gravity: 1.236 (10.3#/gallon)
  • pH, 6.2 – 7.2 (50% solution in water)
  • Salt out point: 32o F (protect from freezing)


  • 5-gallon pails
  • 275 gallon totes
  • Bulk


  • 24 months
  • Do not freeze

As a liquid EDTA Chelated Ca – 3%  Fertilizer supplier and distributor our customers depend on us for a consistent and cost-effective supply of EDTA Chelated Ca -3%.
CROP CHOICE has a team dedicated to ensuring the quality of the EDTA Chelated Ca Fertilizer we supply.

For a reliable, consistent source of liquid, EDTA Chelated Calcium – 3% Fertilizer product, contact CROP CHOICE for an EDTA Chelated Ca Fertilizer  quote.
Your source for quality EDTA Chelated Ca Fertilizer.


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    CHELATED Ca-3% for Higher Yields and Healthier Plants